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How to use the Smart Entry Service Auto-gate

Korean nationals can use SeS from right after enrollment until the passport expiry date.
(Koreans with multiple nationalities can use SeS until the earlier date between the passport expiration date or 5 years from the date of enrollment.)
Starting from March 2017, Korean nationals will be able to use SeS more conveniently as the registration procedure will no longer be necessary.
However, please note that the following persons still need to register before using SeS.

Korean nationals
◇ between ages 7 and 17 years old
◇ whose personal information such as name or date of birth changed
◇ who were issued their Residence ID card over 30 years ago (registration recommended)

Foreign participants can use the Smart Entry Service until the earlier date between 5 years from the date of enrollment or the passport expiration date.
All participants can use both the Smart Entry Service auto-gate and traditional inspection booth. In the case of the Smart Entry Service auto-gates, there is no entry or exit stamp. Participants can ask a KIS officer for a stamp on their passport if they need it.
Smart Entry Service Auto-gate Instructions
  • step01 images
    Put the bio-data page of passport down onto the reader
  • step02 images
    Proceed to the inside when the entry door opens
  • step03 images
    Press the registered finger on the scanner
    The monitor displays which finger is registered
  • step04 images
    Look at the camera
    This step may be skipped depending on the model of the auto-gate.
  • step05 images
    Exit the gate when the exit door opens