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Eligibility image
Smart Entry Service is open to registered Korean citizens aged 7 or above and to all registered foreigners aged 17 or above. These people can register for the Smart Entry Service at enrollment centers without SeS website membership.

However, legal representation consent is required for children between ages 7 years old and under 14 to register for SeS (Please submit Family Relationship Certificate at enrollment)

When you visit the Enrollment Center, you should have an ID card (Korean citizens and Overseas Koreans: Residence ID Card, Registered Foreigners: Alien Registration Card) and a machine readable passport (multiple).

The US Registrants can apply for Smart Entry Service through the Korea-US Trusted Traveler Program even though they are not registered to KIS. Click here for the eligibility requirements.
  • All registered foreigners aged 17 years old or above
  • Korea Priority Card holders
  • Foreign crew members having multiple landing permit
  • Foreign nationals whose home country signed a MOU with Korea on the mutual use of automated immigration clearance
Those who wish to apply for Smart Entry Service image
Those who wish to apply for Smart Entry Service shall:
  • Be 7 years old or older
  • Have a machine readable passport multiple
  • Be able to verify their identity with fingerprints and facial image
  • Consent to provision and usage of their passport and biometric information
Reasons for Ineligibility
Applicants may not qualify for participation in Smart Entry Service if:
  • The quality of their biometric data is not good enough for identity authentication
  • They are inadmissible to Korea or prohibited from departing the country under the Immigration Control Law (Paragraph 1 of Article 4, Paragraph 1 of Article 29, and Article 11)
  • They have been found in violation of the Law and paid penalty of more than 5 million won within the last 3 years (Applicable to registered foreigners only)
  • They wish to register foreign passport information instead of that of the Korean passport (Applicable to Koreans with multiple nationalities only)
  • The personal information on the passport presented is different from the one in the KIS database (Applicable to registered foreigners and overseas Koreans with a Registration Card of Domestic Residence only)
Cancellation of Membership image
Cancellation of Membership
Participants can terminate the membership of Smart Entry Service by visiting an enrollment center and filing for cancellation in person. KIS can revoke the membership if participants:
  • Have been found registered with false information
  • Have been fallen under the ineligible category after registration
  • Are deemed by KIS inappropriate to use SeS auto-gates