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Membership Extension for U.S. Registrants

The application process for membership extension is as follows.

  1. Fill out Extension Application Form

    1. Visit the Global Entry homepage and check application process for the US citizen.
    2. You may fill out the application form at TTP website.
    3. Please refer to the instruction given by CBP for detailed information.
    4. [Note] Those whose SeS/GE membership already expired need to newly apply
    5. to use the service.
    Link to Global Entry Link to TTP
  2. See Result of CBP Vetting

    1. After passing CBP vetting, the information of your application will be sent to Korea. This usually takes a few days.
    2. If your application status is "Pending Review", your application is sent to KIS.
    3. For details related to CBP vetting results, please refer to CBP website.
  3. Make Payment

    1. If your application status is "Pending Review", log in at SeS website and click
    2. 'Extension Application' at My Page.
    3. After login to the homepage, pay the fee of $100.
    4. Click Make Payment for Extension on the bottom of My Page - Extension Application.
    5. ① Consent to Terms and Conditions and Administration Information Sharing
    6. ② Enter Gender, Date of Birth, Passport Number. Select and proceed to payment.
    7. and pay the fee.
    8. Click How to Use SeS for instructions.
    9. Fee are for the service of processing the application and are nonrefundable.
    10. Onsite ATM payment is available at designated enrollment centers
    11. (Incehon, Gimpo, Gimhae airport and Samsungdong City Air Terminal)
    12. ※ In case of card payment failure
    available credit card : Master Card, JCB Card, Visa Card
    (Except for South Korea's credit card)
  4. See Result of KIS Vetting

    1. The result of KIS vetting is available within 1~2 weeks after payment.
    2. If your application status is “Approved,” you will be able to use the SeS/GE service for 5 years from the initial expiration date.
    3. If your application status is “Denied,” application will no longer proceed. The payment is non-refundable, regardless of result.
  5. Re-issuance of SeS Enrollment Sticker

    1. 1. Those who completed SeS membership extension are required to receive
    2. the SeS sticker before the original expiration date.
    3. (Bring your passport)
    4. 2. A KIS officer at the enrollment center will check your identity and application information and
    5. ask for your purpose and frequency of visiting Korea, and also where you will stay in Korea.
    6. (If reasons for disqualifications are found, registration will be cancelled and sticker
    7. will not be given.)
    8. 3. ※ Please note that if you complete extension and do not receive the SeS sticker within your
    9. original expiration date, you will not be able to use SeS/GE, even if you have been approved
    10. for membership extension online. However, you will be able to receive the SeS sticker after
    11. your original expiration date. In this case, you will be able to use the SeS/GE service from
    12. the date of SES sticker issuance date until the approved extended expiration date.