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Introduction of KIS

Republic of Korea in Harmony with the World
Korea Immigration Service will improve national competitiveness by implementing an immigration system
convenient to Korean nationals and foreigners through automated clearance service and electronic petition system;
realizing a true social integration where residing foreigners can live without discrimination; and opening our society
to the world. Also, KIS will make a society where law and order is preserved by responding to illegal immigrants
with strict impartiality.
Introduction of KIS
Director General of Immigration Policy Immigration Planning Division Immigration planning, administrative affairs, public relations, international cooperation
Border Control Division Immigration inspection, control of entry/departure, international treaty
Visa & Residence Division Visa issuance and policy making on visa and foreigner’s residency
Investigation & Enforcement Division Investigation into immigration offenders, detention, deportation
IT Strategy & Management Division Introducing IT-based system to immigration services, statistics and analysis of immigration data
Director General of Nationality & Integration Policy Immigration Policy Division Basic planning, comprehensive analysis and evaluation on immigration policy, legal affairs
Nationality Division Nationality management (acquisition, recovery, loss, naturalization)
Refugee Division Policy making on refugee
Immigrant Integration Division Implementing supports for social integration of foreigners residing in Korea