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Membership Extension for Korean Registrants

The application process for membership extension is as follows.

  1. Fill out Extension Application Form

    1. 1. Log in SES( website and click Apply for Extension at My Page.
    2. [Note] Those who applied for SeS/GE through HiKorea, please register the
    3. SES website with your HiKorea ID and PASSWORD and apply for extension.
    4. 2. Fill out and Submit Extension Application Form
    • Give consent to Terms and Conditions and check passport for SeS
    • Enter personal information
    • Enter passport and US visa information
    • Enter residential address
    • Enter employment details
    • Enter additional information
    • Review application and submit
    1. ※ When you click 'Fill out Extension Application Form', your previous
    2. application information will display automatically. Changed information,
    3. if any, should be editted before submission.
    4. [Note] Those whose SeS/GE membership already expired need to newly apply
    5. to use the service.
  2. Submit Criminal (Investigation) Records Check Reply

    1. Please submit the Criminal (Investigation) Records Check Reply (for permission
    2. of foreign country immigration and stay)issued from a police station or the Online
    3. Criminal Records Information Management System to one of the SeS enrollment
    4. centers once your application status is “Conditionally Approved”.
    5. The report should be issued within 1 month before submission.
    6. You should also bring ID and passport.
  3. See Result of KIS Vetting

    1. The immigration officer at enrollment center informs you the result of KIS
    2. vetting right on the spot when you submit your Criminal Conviction and
    3. Investigation History Report .
    4. If you are approved by KIS, your application is sent to US CBP.
    5. If denied, your application ends.
  4. Pay GE Fee

    1. If your application status is “Pending Risk Assessment Review,”
    2. Log in TTP website with your given ID and PASSWORD and make payment of $100 for membership extension.
    3. ※ Same payment method as initial application.
  5. See Result of CBP Vetting and Interview

    1. The result of US CBP vetting comes out within 2 weeks after payment.
    2. You can check your application status through My Page. If U.S. approves
    3. your extension application, you may use SeS/GE without an interview and
    4. your membership will be valid for 5 years from the initial expiry date.
    5. ※ Please note that US CBP may give ‘conditionally approved’ to the extension
    6.     applicant. In this case, CBP has the right to request an interview.