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Application Process for US Citizen

The application process is as follows.

  1. Fill out Application Form

    1. Visit the Global Entry homepage and check application process for the US citizen.
    2. Apply for Korea smart entry service.
    Link to Global Entry Link to TTP
  2. See Result of CBP Vetting

    1. See the result of CBP vetting on TTP.
    2. If your application status is "Pending Review", your application is sent to KIS.
  3. Make Payment

    1. If your application status is "Pending Review", Sign up for the SeS homepage.
    2. After registration, login to the homepage and pay the fee of $100.
    3. Click Make Payment button below, enter your surname, date of birth and passport number
    4. and pay the fee.
    5. Click How to Use SeS for instructions.
    6. Fee are for the service of processing the application and are nonrefundable.
    7. Onsite ATM payment is available at designated enrollment centers
    8. (Incehon, Gimpo, Gimhae airport and Samsungdong City Air Terminal)
    available credit card : Master Card, JCB Card, Visa Card
    (Except for South Korea's credit card)
    1. ‘Compatibility View’ setting is needed when processing the payment.

  4. See Result of KIS Vetting

    1. The result of KIS vetting is available within 1~2 weeks after payment.
    2. If your application status is “Conditionally Approved,” now schedule SeS enrollment interview.
    3. If your application status is “Denied,” the application process ends.
  5. Schedule Interview

    1. Choose an enrollment center and interview date.
    2. (It is the same when you make changes for previous reservation.)
    3. It is recommended to schedule interview within 30 days and to choose an interview date
    4. which is within six months from the day being conditionally approved.
    5. Enrollment is available during office hours of the Enrollment Center, regardless of reservation.
    6. * You can find the office hours at 'Enrollment Centers & Airports' page
  6. SeS Enrollment Interview

    1. 1. Visit the enrollment center on the scheduled day and have an interview.
            (Bring your passport and confirmation of Interview)
    2. 2. A KIS officer at enrollment center checks your identity and application information and asks your
           purpose and frequency of visit to Korea and address in the country. Then, the officer makes
           the final decision and register you as a member of SeS.
           (If denied, registration process won’t take place.)
    3. 3. Check the final result of SeS-GE application.
    4. 4. If approved, the membership is valid for 5 years from the day of enrollment.