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Application Process for Korean national

The application process is as follows.

  1. Fill out Application Form

    1. Register for SeS( website
    2. Click ‘Apply GE’ button
    3. Fill out GE application form
    • Choose application and Give consent to sharing public information and Terms
      and Conditions of SeS-GE
    • Enter personal information
    • Enter passport and visa information (See samples of US Visa)
    • Enter residential addresses of the last 5 years
    • Enter employment details of the last 5 years
    • Enter additional information
    • Review your application and submit
  2. Submit Criminal (Investigation) Records Check Reply

    1. Please submit the Criminal (Investigation) Records Check Reply (for permission
    2. of foreign country immigration and stay)issued from a police station or the Online
    3. Criminal Records Information Management System to one of the SeS enrollment
    4. centers once your application status is “Conditionally Approved”.
    5. The report should be issued within 1 month before submission.
    6. You should also bring ID and passport.
  3. See Result of KIS Vetting

    1. The immigration officer at enrollment center informs you the result of KIS
    2. vetting right on the spot when you submit your Criminal Conviction and
    3. Investigation History Report .
    4. If you are approved by KIS, your application is sent to US CBP.
    5. If denied, your application ends.
  4. Pay GE Fee

    1. If your application status is “Pending Risk Assessment Review,”
    2. go to TTP website, register for the site and pay the fee of $100.
    3. Click How to Use TTP for instructions.
    Global Entry
  5. See Result of US CBP Vetting

    1. The result of US CBP vetting comes out within 2 weeks after payment.
    2. If your application status is “Conditionally Approved,” now schedule
    3. GE enrollment interview.
    4. If your application status is “Denied,” the application process ends.
  6. Schedule Interview

    1. You can schedule interview on the TTP website.
    2. You MUST schedule interview within 30 days and choose an interview date.
    3. You may reschedule as often as needed.
    4. Changes to interview date and enrollment center can be done at least 2 days prior
    5. to your interview date. Any changes within the day are not possible.
    6. Interview reservations at LAX, San francisco, Seattle and Chicago O’hare airport,
    7. which many Korean citizens visit, are closed early, so immediate scheduling is
    8. recommended.
  7. GE Enrollment Interview

    1. Visit the enrollment center on the scheduled day and have an interview.
    2. (Bring your passport and confirmation of Interview)
    3. A CBP officer at enrollment center checks your identity and application information
    4. and asks your purpose and frequency of US visit and address in the US.
    5. Then, the officer makes the final decision and register you as a member of GE.
    6. (If denied, registration process won’t take place.)
    7. If approved, the membership is valid for 5 years from the day of enrollment.