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SeS-GE is open to Korean and U.S. Registrants who are determined as a bona-fide traveler by both governments.

Those who wish to apply for SeS-GE shall:
Be 17 years old or older
Have a membership of expedited immigration clearance service of home country;
(For Koreans: Smart Entry Service, For U.S. Registrants: Global Entry)
Provide biometric information(fingerprints and facial image)
Consent to criminal background checks by both governments
Consent to the Terms and Conditions of expedited immigration clearance service of the other country
Eligibility image
Reasons for Ineligibility
Applicants may not qualify for participation in SeS-GE if they:
Have multiple nationalities including Korea and the US
Provide false or incomplete information on the application
Have not good enough quality of fingerprints for identity authentication
Been convicted of a criminal offense in any country
Are under investigation on criminal charges in any country
Are prohibited from departure or are inadmissible to the other country
Have been involved in terrorism, drug smuggling, murder, rape or prostitution
Have been found in violation of customs, immigration or agricultural regulations or laws
Have been denied to enter the other country because they could not satisfy KIS or CBP of their low-risk status
have an Alien Registration Card(ARC) in Korea (only applicable to US registrants)
[Note] SeS/GE membership extension application is available from 1 year prior to the existing membership expiration date.
          The same eligibility criteria will apply for extension.