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1 [Application Procedure] How can I register for SES?

If you are an American citizen, you must submit an application through the US website, Global Online Enrollment System(GOES, After CBp's vetting, your application is sent to KIS. Then, you must create an SES account and pay the fee at Once your application is conditionally approved, you must schedule an interview at one of the SES enrollment centers in Korea. At the enrollment center, you must take a facial photo and register your fingerprints.

2 [Processing Time] How long does KIS vetting take?

You will get the KIS vetting result within 1 week after paying the SES application fee.

3 [Other] Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee is non-refundable in any case and regardless of KIS vetting result.

4 [Other] Notice for Configuration according to SES Internet Browser

To provide smooth service, SES supports the latest operating systems such as Windows 10.

Also, it is optimized for use at Internet Explorer 8~11 (32bit) or above.


When the system does not operate normally at Inernet Explorer 10 (64bit) or above, please take the following steps.


- Information according to version of Explorer browser

(Windows 10) Explorer11 64bit

(Windows 8) Explorer11 64bit

(Windows 8) Explorer10 64bit

(Windows 7) Explorer10 64bit

5 [Application Procedure] What is the time frame for scheduling SES interview?

You are asked to schedule interview within 30 days from the day of conditional approval by KIS. If not, your application is cancelled. As long as you schedule the interview within 30 days, you can choose the actual interview date within 6 months from the day of conditional approval.

6 [SES] I'm a U.S. citizen. Can I apply for SES?

Yes. U.S. citizens can apply for SES. American applicants must first be a member of Global Entry.