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SES / e-Channel


Korea Immigration Service


SES—e-Channel is open to Korean nationals and Hong Kong citizens who are determined as
bona-fide travelers by both governments.

Those who wish to apply for SES/e-Channel must:

Be older than 17 years old
Be holder of Hong Kong SAR passport remain more than 6 months until the date of expiration
Be members of the automated immigration clearance service of their home country
(For Koreans: Smart Entry Service, For Hong Kong Residents: e-Channel)
Provide biometric information (fingerprints and facial image)
Give consent to the use of information by the Korea Immigration Service and the Hong Kong Immigration Department
Give consent to the Terms and Conditions of the automated immigration clearance service of the other party

Reasons for Ineligibility

Applicants may not qualify for participation in SES/e-Channel if they:
Provide false or insufficient information on the application
Have fingerprints that are not clear enough for identity authentication
Are prohibited or suspended from departing from the country of nationality (or the other country) or are inadmissible to the other country
Are ineligible for either party's automated immigration clearance service
Have been denied entry into Korea (or Hong Kong) because they could not satisfy immigration officers of Korea (or Hong Kong) of their low-risk status
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