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Commissioner’s Message

Thank you for visiting Smart Entry Service(SeS) webpage.

Smart Entry Service(SeS) is a state-of-art administrative system that combines biometrics technology and administrative work of border control. It is a representative auto immigration clearance system of Korea led by Korea Immigration Service.
Korea Immigration Service image
Smart Entry Service(SeS)
In just 6 months after its implementation in June 2008, the accumulated number of SeS users exceeded 1 million, demonstrating great participation and interest from the public.
In 2010, the service became available not only to the Korean citizens but also to some registered foreigners.
In 2013, the accumulated number of SeS users reached 20 million with the number of registered users over 1.5 million, which reaffirmed the position of SeS as a representative system of immigration administration.

Countries around the globe are now changing their ways to manage borders from the traditional border control to more convenient and pleasant inspection service.
In accordance with the change, Korea Immigration Service is committed to developing more improved system and further expanding the service so that more citizens and foreigners can enjoy the service at more airports and seaports.

Smart Entry Service(SeS) of Korea Immigration Service will lead the way toward proactive and open administrative service.

Thank you.
Cha Gyu-geun
Korea Immigration Service