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Application for Macao Residents

  1. 01Eligibility and Precautions

    1. Eligibility
    2. Macao SAR resident should be 17 years old or above and hold a Macao SAR e-passport valid for not less than 30 days
    3. Precautions
    4. - Macao residents with dual nationality who entered with passports issued in the Republic
        of Portugal or the People’s Republic of China will not be able to register. If they enter with
        a Macao SAR e-passport the next time, they will be able to register for SeS.
      - Names consisting special characters or inaccurate date of birth will not be able to register.
        However, certain special characters are allowed.
        ※ allowed special characters: comma (,), period (.), apostrophe (‘), and hyphen (-)
        ※ Enrollees will no longer be able to use SeS-APC once they receive an alien registration
            card in Korea. Registered foreigners may use SeS under separate conditions.
  2. 02SeS Enrollment Process

    1. [Step 1] Enter Korea
    2. - Macao resident must use face-to-face immigration inspection when entering Korea to enrol
        for SeS.
    3. [Step 2] Visit Enrollment Center
    4. - After entry, please visit one of the designated enrollment centers.
        ※ Locations of Enrollment Centers can be found at “Enrollment Centers”
  3. 03Interview and Enrollment

    1. Provide passport to the enrolment officer.
    2. Enrolment officer will interview the registrant to check identification, purpose of visit, and place of stay, and confirm eligibility for using SeS. (In accordance with the interview results, registrant may be denied enrolment.)
    3. Registrant will be required to submit an electronic application form displayed on screen by the enrolment officer (Consent to Terms and Conditions of SeS and Use of Personal Information)
    4. Registrant will provide fingerprints (both index fingers) and facial image to the enrollment officer.
    5. Successfully enrolled Macao resident can use SeS until 30 days before the passport expiry date.
      ※ A sticker will be affixed to the visa page of the Macao SAR e-passport